Sunday, March 19, 2017

Arduino Wearable

I want to create a headdress that incorporates the natural beauty of design and the beauty of electronics into a fashion wearable. The headdress's design with include a variety of natural materials such as greenery and feathers. Added fabric, jewelry, and lights will be included in the design. A pulse sensor will be hooked up to my model who will be wearing the headdress. The headdress will reflect light from the LED transmitted fiber optics based on the reading of his or her pulse. The reading of the pulse based on beats per minute will determine the color change that runs through the headdress. The pulse sensor will input into the Arduino which will carry an output to the RGB LED that will react from the sensor to change color of the fiber optics. My electronic material list will include the Arduino, Neo Pixel RGB, .5mm Fiber optics, Pulse sensor, and Heat shrinking tubing to the attach the fibers in a bundle. 

Monday, March 6, 2017



Good concept. Everything is step by step with only 4 steps. Not drawn out. Many visuals, including the Arduino board and where to plug in connections. Video showing the device in action.


Horrible visuals. Cannot understand why anyone needs to post about "how to roll a pair of socks." Instructions are very vague.


Horrible design. Why.....